Sublime Text: CodeIgniter 2 Controller/Model/CRUD Model Templates snippet

Ok, so a friend introduced me to Sublime Text 2, a great and powerfull editor. It is lightweight, fast, and has a plugin for anything you can imagine. It’s not very cheap, priced at $70 (little over 50€), but it certainly is worth it.

So, I haven’t yet started using it fully, since I didn’t buy it, but I was playing around with a trial version, and I’m taken by it. It’s a programmers best friend, everything can be done using keyboard, and that is something I particularly like about it.

In that playing, I have created a snippet, a piece of code that you can insert, instead of typing it over and over again. This snippet speeds up creation of CodeIgniter 2 Controller and Model, and I have added an enhanced Model, that has CRUD (get, insert, update, delete) methods already programmed. I put it up on GitHub, and I have sent a pull request for Sublime Package Control, to add it to their list. That will make installing my snippet easy as pie.

The code is released under MIT license, and you can download it: CodeIgniter 2 Controller/Model/CRUD Model Templates.

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